Learning with Games – One Player

Games have been a big part of our family long before we even considered homeschooling. Games are an excellent way to spend quality time together as a family and have the added bonus of being educational in numerous ways. Even the simplest games teach turn taking and losing/winning gracefully. I get asked questions all the time about games, so I decided to do a Learning with Games Series. This series will feature our favorite games broken down into appropriate age categories.

Learning with Games
Emily is an only child. While we play A LOT of games there are many times that she wants to play a game and I am just not available. Thank goodness for some amazing one player games! What is even better than a one player game is that many of them come with multiple levels which means we can all play the same game on our own level. Without further delay lets get started today with our favorite one play games.

Rush Hour
Gravity Maze
Circuit Maze
Laser Maze
Roller Coaster Challenge
Cat Crimes Logic
Shape by Shape
Balance Beans
Block by Block
Solitaire Chess
Chocolate Fix
Lunar Landing
Knot so Fast
Brick by Brick
Kanoodle Genius
Kanoodle Extreme
IQ Fit
IQ Twist
Logic Links
Jump In
Mystic Islands
Ghost Hunters
Temple Trap
Camelot Jr.
Castle Logic
Three Little Pigs
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White

I hope some of these one player games bring you as much peace as they have brought me. Make sure you buy yourself some chocolate when you order the games as a reward and enjoy it in the quiet time.

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