Q’s Race to the Top

Today we played Q’s Race to the Top, it is a cute game about a Genius Monkey who can read big words, solve tough equations, and build amazing inventions but is not good with emotional intelligence. The game comes with an adorable book that tells the story of Q and one of his mishaps. Also included is the game board that is bright and easy to follow, 4 monkey game pieces, a large green dice and 150 question and action cards.

The game play is simple you roll a dice, move that number of space and then you get a card that matches the color you land on. The green spaces coordinate with “Q” cards which allow you to help Q through a social scenario for example, ” Q felt jealous because his sister Mila got a brand new scooter and he didn’t have one. Have you ever felt jealous?”. The blue spaces coordinate with the “You” cards which are questions about you for example, “”What is the best thing that could ever happen?”. The orange spaces coordinate with the “Do” cards which are actions that seems silly but help develop coordination for example, “Hop on one leg 20 times. Now try the other leg 20 times.”

This game led to many big juicy conversations as well as some good belly laughs. It also helped bring up many points that I have neglected to talk about or social situations we have not found ourselves in yet. The best part is getting to discuss things in a non threatening manner and that the game makes it about Q and not yourself. It is always easier to tell someone else what they have done wrong or what they should do.

Q’s Race to the Top gets two thumbs up!

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