Bug Unit Study

After looking over the science units from The Good and The Beautiful we knew we could not wait until the fall to start them, we dove right into the Arthropod Science. I will be honest bugs creep me out, but this unit has been so much fun that I have even begun to see some … More Bug Unit Study

Road Tripping

We are heading out on a six hour road trip. We normally travel at night so that Emily can sleep most of the drive when we go on long road trips but this time that was not possible. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of activities and games on hand that did not … More Road Tripping


I had heard about strewing in regards to unschooling (The Art of Strewing: AN Unschooling Mom’s Secret Weapon), but I had never considered how it could fit into our homeschool days. Strewing is just leaving out in an inviting way things you think will interest your child or things for them to explore WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS. … More Strewing